Friday, November 21, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: the Attic of Addiction

We are all some type of addict says the Prodigal.


Enlightenment comes when we stop prying into why we use and discover what we are trying to fill........The Journal Entries: The Triangle Diaries. 

He has a needle,
He has a spoon,
Drowning all alone,
In this empty room.
Soon his savior,
Will enter his veins,
Please don't judge him,
We all wash away the pain.

From the Dark Sage Diaries

I now come upon a tower as high as the eyes can see and on the top of the tower resides the attic of addiction. A place I once hid. The first time I ascended to the top of the tower I was struck with grand amazement. Weren't you? I felt invincible as I admired the world below me. I God am I. Perched upon this high tower I felt I had discover the secrets of life. There is a shift in consciousness you know? Reluctantly I have to descend to the world below. What a hit!

Returning to the world below is a slam dunk of I have to face it, fuck, I got to look at me. I discovered that my reality sucked. So I would return and climb the stairs of the desolate tower and escape the life below. After many moons of traveling up and down those stairs, I am faced with a dilemma, I didn't want to come down. When you never come down and keep trying to fill the void you lose touch with the reality of this little world. Life in the tower turns very bland and isolation begins to develop fueled by self-pity. You knows it's fucked up, but you crave to dwell in the attic. The real world below becomes more scary and more confusing.

Dwelling in the tower I missed a big part of my life.

My plight is to face the realities of the world below.

Life will breed tribulations and my quest is to overcome those tribulations. I must move ahead full of confidence and full of courage. I can climb the tower to escape my demons in life, but they will await me to come down. Like a big bully who doesn't want me to enjoy the great playground of life. I must dig deep within me and awaken the power that dwells deep within my soul. I must live my life as a warrior; living and breathing my Divine Dreams. Within all of us is a Divine Creativity that will create our way out of the tower and create safe passages through the valleys of life. 

I must believe that the God within me is greater than any thing I face in this world. I am power and I am strength....I am a Warrior of Light.

My promise is to face the trials of life head on with a clear vision of the Divine Creativity that dwells within me. 

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