Monday, November 10, 2014

The Prodigal's Plight: The Foot Stone of Failure

The Fifth Plight of my Path



Walking around in your past is tricky business.

You want to grab the good without being overwhelmed by the apparent bad.

Walking around my past I suddenly trip over something?

Ever got tripped up?

I discovered I tripped over a foot stone of failure. Every time I try to navigate through my life I am tripped up by this trickster. 

I don't even see it coming and bam----I'm on the ground.

You wonder how you got down here, don't ya? 

This falling down makes me question the course of my life.....and those questions force me to rehash the past. 

There has to be a reason why I am on the ground and the Foot Stone Of Failure awaits me with the answer.

When I glance over I see the Foot Stone Of Failure slapping me in the face. It's inscribed with all my shortcomings, my failures, wrong paths taken, friendships lost, Love lost, addictions, warts, pains......and a menu of reasons why my ass is on the ground....why my life is a series of trying to get back on my damn feet.

The Foot Stone Of Failure wants me to lay there helplessly while I admire it's power....only a Small Foot Stone.....but it brings me to the ground.



The inscription on the Foot Stone sucks me in and reviews my life with brutal force....all my secrets are written there....all my heart breaks.

I wallow in Self-pity....Face to Face....with all my failures.

The Foot Stone of Failure is designed to keep you down.

My Plight is to Rise Up!



I must rise and brush myself off. With each brush I fling the dirt of my failures off my Royal Robe.

Each speck of dirt is a lesson.....

Each speck of dirt is a set of instructions.....

Each speck of dirt is an opportunity to turn a mistake into a Miracle.....

A hurt into a heal.

Now as I walk forward I am obligated to perceive what tripped me up in the past. This obligation requires a keen awareness of failures past and the Divine lesson contained in the experience. Through my failures I can derive self-pity, or acquire Divine Wisdom.


  It's not why you fell, it's why you got back up!

My Promise is to rise and keep my eye on the path and avoid the Tripping Trickster of Failure. 

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