Friday, November 14, 2014

Think Flower Power: Expand Your Mind

Flower Power Thinks Outside the Box


The Box contains what we should believe, how we should act, how we should dress and the approved map for a successful life.


The Flower Power Movement ventured outside the Box.


Flower Power understood that the Box was handed down to us from other humans and all human knowledge is jaded by human weakness.



What Box were you handed?

What were you told to believe concerning God and Spirituality?

What were you told concerning Successful Life and Career?

Did your tribe gear you towards college or right to workforce?

What were your tribes values?

What was considered proper code of conduct and morals?

Who influenced what you believe and do you 100%  agree?

What you are trying to do is to look at the beliefs that were handed down to you and how you really feel about them deep down do you feel, honestly?

Question Authority?

One "Battle Cry" of the  Flower Power Movement was....Question Authority.

Authority Figures hated it.

The Questioning of Authority is what opens up your Box

I write about Spirituality, so I'll deal with that aspect of your Box.

What were you told the way to God was, or maybe you were told there was no God?

How restrictive were your beliefs? Could you explore others paths and read other maps for the way to God?

Could you look into other religions?

What kind of boundaries were placed in your life and how much manipulation was used to keep you in those that Box

If you're in a very highly restrictive religion, that restriction is usually powered by guilt and shame....laced with visions of an angry God and hells eternal judgment.To question what we are told to believe is seen as an act of rebellion, guilt, shame and even being shunned is part of the process. You must conform to the tribe to gain approval and acceptance. To question the doctrines, beliefs, norms and values of the tribe earn you a KICK TO THE CURB.

Some people can't handle the manipulation and cave into the demands of the tribe.

To grow we must question.....we must take a peek outside the Box.

Expand your Mind

I was told that I could only read the Bible and Books approved by the tribe. I was handed a Jesus who was a white middle class Republican who wanted me to go to church, go to college, snag a wife, two brand new cars, house in the burbs, white picket fence, 3 kids and just show up each week and kick in my 10% to be cool with God. 

If I believed everything on Fox News and kissed Rush the lush Limbaugh's ass I was holy.

Approval and a pat on the back was the tribes highest honor.....the tribe knows people are suckers for praise.....give 'em a ribbon for perfect attendance and they gain a sense of their own perfection.....a group of show ponies you strut across the tribes stage.

Seeking approval from the tribe was the only game in town.

I chose to leave town.

When I began searching I started rebelling and questioning authority by reading. I looked into World Religions, Alchemy, Bah'i, Buddhism, Celtic, Esoteric/Occult, Gnosticism, Hinduism, I Ching, Native American, New Thought, UFO, Swedenborg, Taoism, Tarot, and the list goes on.........

The big trip is that after a 15 year journey the Bible and the Tao Te Ching are the books that really speak to me.  Most of what I believe Spiritually is based on the Bible....I just don't always serve it up with chapter and verse....but, it speaks me in a special way. The Tao Te Ching is more of a me it's about being in flow with nature. Even though I read widely, these are the books I use as devotionals in my private spiritual life.

The point is if they would have left my ass alone I would have been right back to the bible anyway.

What I did was expand my mind and travel spiritual paths of other soul seekers. I saw a God working through diverse people, in diverse ways. Some of them I didn't get, or want to get. Some of them I saw great wisdom and inspiration. Some of them I felt a tinge of darkness. What I did gain was a respect and an understanding that I don't have all the answers. We are all trying the best we can serve what we feel is God. Who I am to judge the path of others?

I did come to the point that many paths lead to God and I can believe that while still embracing the teaching of Christ. Unless you attend an open minded church like "Unity", most churches would disagree with the all paths lead to God thing. 

So what? I expanded my mind and developed my own philosophy that works for know the whole work out your own salvation deal, right? That's how I roll and to each his own roll.

What about you?

Do you feel free to expand your mind?

Can you read something different with open eyes and open heart?

A closed mind, creates a closed heart.

Open up to Life

Expanding your mind is to become open to what life has to offer....not just in your spirituality, but in all aspects of your life.

Do you still have that childhood wonder?

Look at your life as a Spiritual Journey, an adventure, an experience to collect. If you sit and just watch the TV 24/7 you are going to die a very slow, painful and boring death. We have to get off the sofa and explore our life through the eyes of our inner child?

When's the last time you thought about that kid?

The Inner Child that lives in you.

What did the child love?

What did it dream about?

What did it desire?

How did it have fun?

Don't focus on the pain of the Inner Child, we all have that in some aspects....but, focus on the postitive traits and experiences of the child.

Somewhere in the childhood of yours contains the greatest metaphysical mysteries of your life....they are found in the light of the experience.....not in the pain....not in the dark.....there is an experience of light in there that contains the clues to your life.

All you have to do is expand your mind with childlike wonder.

One day I gave the Inner Child control of my life and he took over.....I call him "Little David", he gives me advice and tells me what to write...since I handed him the key's life is a blast.

Expand your Mind

Free your Inner Child. 

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