Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Think Flower Power: Explore the Unknown


Whens the last time you been on an adventure?



Do you find yourself bored?


Are you just going through the motions?


What would you like to explore next?


 This Spiritual path is an endless journey.

I remember I reached a place in my Spiritual walk where everything become bland. It had been an amazing journey and I explored way beyond my childhood teachings. After a few years I began to lose interest. I had traveled so far, attracted so much stuff into my life and life became cozy. I got relaxed in my abundance and lost my warriors edge. I still had my personal power and gifts, but I felt I had nothing left to conquer. The things I was unhappy with in life,  I just learned to accept. Some things are easy to accept when you appear to be doing well......my ego bought into the American dream and I soaked up the TV for a few.

I remember sitting in that lazy boy looking at a TV with hundreds of channels and nothing to watch. I looked at my perfectly manicured lawn and brand new truck. I reflected on my un-happy marriage I accepted as normal, and the Job I disliked that kept the American Dream oiled. I started to wonder.

Is this all there is?


I would walk 2 miles a day through my well manicure neighborhood and notice that I had lived here for 7 years that nobody really knew anybody. We just went to worked, payed the mortgage, and come home to make love to the TV. I had only 2 people I had befriended and that was of a very casual nature. A few hellos and maybe a long 30minute to an hour conversation a week.

I began to think this very unsettling thought....Are our homes little coffins we retreat into just to watch TV till we die?

The thought haunted me for 2 years. Is this what I survived cancer for?  Is this all I fought for? This house and two brand new cars I only get to drive to work and back? Am I sick of watching people on TV living interesting lives and mine being boring? 

If I stayed in that circumstance, in that dead marriage, I would have died, my cancer would have returned. 

The boredom and bitterness of life would have killed me? 

So I left. I gave her everything. I just took my books, journals guitar and rode off into the Sunset.

I became,

A Midnight Rider

Well, I got to run to keep from hiding,
and I'm bound to keep on riding,
and I've got one more silver dollar.

But, I ain't gonna let'em catch me, no.
Ain't gonna let'em catch the Midnight rider.

Allman Brothers Band

That's how I lived...I went out and did stuff I never did.

I became and singer/songwriter and started hitting open mics. I eventually co-hosted an open mic in a blues club. I starting earning a few bucks here and there to bum around on.

I attracted my Soul mate and we both went on an amazing adventure of living life as fringe dwellers. We moved around, traveled the east coast beaches of Florida, made and sold jewelry. It was a very bohemian unconventional lifestyle.

We reduced our lives to 2 backpacks and 2 travel bags. We jet a lot. 

I plan on writing more of our journey in future e-books.

We are right now preparing for our next adventure.

We were given a "sign" once when spirit sent us on a long 10 mile walk in the heat of a Florida summer. Spirit told us to walk this way and we did.

After about 10 miles we saw a sign in a persons yard....all it said, "An Endless Journey." No advertisement, nothing, just a sign.

I looked at Freelove my soul mate and said, "This is what we were looking for, this is a message concerning our life. Spirit is sending us on a journey to inspire people."

She looked at me drenched in sweat, but she was now awaken, and didn't utter a word of disbelief, or complain about the heat, or bitch because I drug her on a ten mile walk...she looked at me and said, "That's awesome."

We both felt an energy radiating from the sign that only read, "An Endless Journey."

She said, "What do we do now?"

I replied, "Walk back"..."You okay?"

She gave me the look and said, "I signed up for this." 

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