Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Think Flower Power: Free To Express!


Are you free to express?


Do you ever hide the real you?

Do the opinions of others hold you back?

What do you want to express?


The Call of Expression

Expression is calling you if you are willing to listen. Do you feel something deeply you want to express, but just can't seem to pull it off? Do you desire to express something, but lack the courage to try? I felt that way often, what about you? You may have an artistic dream....to sing, play music, paint, pottery, write...etc. You may want to start a business, attract a new job, or move? You may want to look and dress different than the norm? You may want to sport a tattoo or color your hair purple? 

This call is deep within us all and that's what's make our journey so unique, right?

What if your desire to express is divine? 

What if once you expressed yourself you felt more complete? 

What if you miss the call?

What if you never create the real you?

The Commitment to Express

How many people have met that were free?

I'm friends with a lad who is a very hot guitar player in Central Fl. His band gigs full-time playing in the trenches of some of the wildest pubs through sunny Fl. I used to jam at one of his open mike nights and we became good friends. I asked him how long he had been playing music full-time? What he said blew me away, he said, "All my life."  I said, "No way."  He told me that his dad was a full-time musician and he was always around it. He started playing with his Dad at 15. He then started a band at 18 and started booking gigs. He said he never looked back and that's all he wanted to do. He was in his early 40's, never finished school, never had a real job and been playing music for a living his entire life. 

Life for him was a party he started in high school and it never stopped. 

This guy was a huge trip. He got real drunk after a gig and didn't get home till 4:00am. He wife reminded him that he had to be in court first thing in the morning. When he appeared before the judge he was 1/2 hung over and 1/2 still drunk. The Judge asked him if he had a drinking problem? He replied, " I have 5 DUI's and 3 X-wifes, hell yes I have a drinking problem." 

Even though this guy was a complete mess his life had an affirmation of freedom. He expressed his gift so strongly through his music that he always had a place to play. Over the years he cultivated a huge loyal fan base and they love him to death. He was so loved that one time all the club owners pitched in and paid him on future gigs so he could get bailed out out of jail...they raced to get him out of jail....not the first time....not the last.

He was committed to his music, his fans, his band, his expression. He loved it more that anything in life and would adjust his life to his passion. His commitment was his gift to the world and the sound of his guitar made people feel good....it had spirit.

Somewhere you have the same gift, call, desire to express.

Once you express yourself people will love and be attracted to the real you.

All you need is commitment.....commit to your desire to express yourself.

The Courage to Express

What does it take to express yourself?

It takes courage.

Courage to do it!

Paint the painting!

Write the poem! 

Get a new hair style!

Wear different clothes!

Try for a better job!

Start my own business!

Write a novel!

It takes courage to express.

This courage is based on the concept that I am free from the opinions of others. Flower Power was about freedom of expression and being yourself. What is to happen in life when your inner need to express is totally against the norm? What if to be you means that you are going to have to ruffle the feathers of those around you? Then you have to start ruffling! To ruffle is your spiritual journey. You have always felt like you don't fit, like you don't belong here and like you are searching for some deeper sense of meaning, right?  Being a rufflier is your destiny, it's part of the game. To be you, you have to overcome the fear of rejection and drop your approval seeking behavior before you can be the real you.

Look in the mirror and accept yourself. 

Look in the mirror and approve yourself.

Be brave and open up and express yourself. Do it because you want it, you like it, you desire it. You have to do this to become the real you.

The coolest thing about the real you is that you are the only one that has to like it.

Once you like you, people like you will be attracted to you. They will accept you, they will dig you, just the way you are!

The real you is calling you to express.

Be you!

That's Flower Power baby!

You got be a free spirit.

You got to express yourself!

You got to contribute your verse.

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