Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Think Flower Power: Life is Art

There was once a little boy named James and he was very sad. He had the most difficult childhood, being tossed around to relatives and even acquaintances. He only saw his mother sporadically till her death. He childhood was hard times in poverty.

When he was a young teen he even got more depressed. He had a little life dream....To play guitar. It was tough...he was poor and neglected....and how could he get a guitar? It's sad when the pain of poverty keeps a child from it's dream.

He was so depressed in school that the school counselor got involved. The reason for his intense depression emerged. He said, "I am sad because I can't have a guitar." The family was notified and his distance Father got him a guitar. 

James played and his depression left him as he plucked the strings. Life is art and all this little man needed was an outlet for his talent.

The guitar was so healing to this young man that he got really good at guitar. So good that one day he was asked to make his own record. He was so excited he called home:

"Hey, everybody this James....you ain't gonna believe it...they want me, James to make a record....ain't that cool? 
Guess what?

They are going to change my name to Jimi!


The year 1967 with the release of "Hey Joe" James Marshall Hendrix was transformed into the "Jimi Hindrix" we love and adore.

It's time to wake up the artist inside of you and allow the Spirit to transform you!

Most people are caught up in the mindless rhythm of life. They go to work, watch TV during time off, eat too much and wait for the weekend. I once heard a guy say: "We are just tick-tocking through our life and life just passes us bye." We somehow lose the real us in the shuffle.

Time to wake up and connect to our creative nature that resides with us.

Ask: what do I wish to create?

Ask: how do I awake the artist in me?

Now start to create.

Find creative ways to express yourself through your job, business, your parenting, your home, your clothes, your yard, and everything you put your hands to do.

I found people who are Spiritually open are always changing and recreating their life. They go from transformation to transformation. They re-arrange the furniture, paint, change hair styles, learn a new skill, read a new book, start a business, and the list goes on and on. People who are asleep and addicted to the TV live in a fantasy world and deep inside believe that the people they encounter on the screen have more interesting lives than there's. Awakened people become bored with TV and watch it rarely or never. They often tell me they have so much going on that they don't have time for TV and find it boring.

TV: A whole bunch of channels, with nothing good on to watch....but, I've sit there and flipped and flipped and flipped.

Do you ever get tired of flipping?

If so that is your Higher Self....giving you a signal....turn off the TV I want to do something in your life.....for the love of God, please put down the Pringles and remote....we got shit to do!

So hearken to the voice of your Spirit....get quiet....and discover the artist inside of you.

I was wanting to write more along these lines, but my Higher Self just told me,

"That's good enough....tell em' see you later...we got shit to do!"


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