Saturday, November 8, 2014

Think Flower Power: Life is a Spiritual Journey.

Flower Power unleashed the Spiritual Journey Experience.....a major shift took place in the mindset of the people.


They began to ask questions?


They began to question the tribe?


They began to explore the unknown.





Do you desire to enhance your Spiritual Journey?


Then ask: if the path I have chosen has brought me here, 

then what dose that say about my path?  


What were the strengths of my path?


Where were the weak points in my walking the path?


What do I learn from both?


What different seasons did I travel on my path?


What friends did I attract to my path?


What foes?


What victories?


What defeats?


This is your life?

All the gems....


All the mysterious....


You are a heroic being.....


The wisdom you need.....


Resides in your experience......


So flow with the journey......


Peace out and be blessed!

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