Thursday, December 18, 2014

Think Flower Power: Transform

How do you transform your life?


We all started on this spiritual journey because we desired to change. We look at our life and wonder is there anything more? That wonder is a Divine prompting that leads us to seek. The good news is if we "SEEK" we shall "FIND".



What do you desire to transform?



What do you want? What are you seeking in this life experience? How do you really know what you want? 


I found that to discover what I really wanted, I had to start getting rid of what I don't want. 


This begins with your thoughts.


Thoughts that kill the Human spirit.


Hate, fear, lack, poverty, worry, pride, anger, greed, sickness, doubt, jealously, strife, envy, self-pity and the attitudes that eat away at one's soul.


You transform yourself by the renewing of your mind. You take off the old thoughts and replace it will your Divine empowered thoughts.



The Law of Subtraction



We hear a lot about the Law of Attraction and I do believe in the concept. The problem I have is many people have reduced the concept to just getting a bunch of stuff. God is handing out BMW's and wants you to have one. I find it pretty ego driven and 9 times out of 10 the one who teaches the BMW God is usually the one getting the BMW. 


God wants me to have stuff and will give me all the stuff I need. I just don't think I have this power to just get a shinny new car. A matter of fact, I discovered that all the stuff I attracted did not provide the peace I was seeking.


I found when I began to Subtract the negative junk in my life, that the positive stuff in my life came faster and faster. I felt the need to make my inner self pure, a higher spiritual idea.


So I decided on what do I want to attract?


This is what I decide to attract.


So I came up with the 7 Day Transformation and began to attract these feelings in my Spirit. I am in no way perfect, but as I began to work these concepts into my spirit I felt a transformation take place.


I used to attract stuff, but the stuff left me empty. My ego would then slap a list on my mirror saying: I WANT THIS! 


The stuff alone never made me happy. So one day I got rid of all my stuff, came to a place of nothing and found my real need.


Remember you came here to collect experiences and the feeling those experiences leave with you.


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