Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Prodigal's Plight: The Dungeon of Darkness

Inner Darkness is something you descend into.

You will find a doorway at the bottom of the Attic of Addiction. That doorway leads to the Dungeon of Darkness. You one day must choose to leave the Attic of Addiction or descend into the Dungeon of Darkness.

Your addictions can lead you to a dark place.

If we refuse to walk in the light of our own reality we become blinded by our own darkness. 

A Dungeon is a dark and lonely place where many choose to hide....not just addicts!

The Dungeon of Darkness feeds on your pain. You become trapped in a hell where your inner demons are your only friends. The steady diet of shame, guilt and remorse force you deeper into your darkest side. The darkness inside of me will lie, steal, deceive, hate, blame and righteously defend it's actions. The Attic was a lie and the Dungeon is my new destiny. My inner demons lounge with me as we drink from the bitter cup of pain. The Attic was a false hope and the Dungeon is it's true nature.....IT GONNA BRING YOU DOWN!

The darker the person, 
the deeper the pain,
the deeper the pain, 
the greater the need.

My Dungeon of Darkness is my personal prison of bitterness. The walls, the bars and chains were constructed with my own mind. If I can find my bitter part, I can find the cause of my pain. Discover my pain and I can find the doorway to my freedom.

My plight is to light a candle in the dark.

I must allow the light of God to shine on my darkest part....I must look at my pain through the eyes of love, acceptance and forgiveness and understand that those who hurt me were sicken by pain....trapped in their own Dungeon of Darkness. Pain takes us down. Pain makes us hurt. Hurting others isn't a choice, it's a learned reaction. It ones dark side trying it's best to protect them and keep them safe. My dark side wants me to hide my light, don't show love, because it will only make me appear to be weak. I must be hard to survive this harsh world and no one is coming to save me. My Dark Side screams: "stay hard, never appear to be weak!"  But the truth is that the weak things of this world will confound the wise. I was deceived into thinking my Dark Side was keeping me safe, but it was only keeping me trapped in this dungeon. The only way to overcome the darkness is to become a Warrior of Light.

One day a Man has to stop hiding.

One day a Man has to quit turning his back on fear.

You have to come out of that dungeon and open your heart again.

The Divorce is over!

The Bad relationship is over!

The abuse is over!

The past is over!

The only place it lives is in your heart.

Let go and let love and light lift you out of the Dungeon! 

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