Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Prodigal's Plight: the Wall of Waste

I'm woven in a fantasy, I can't believe the things I see,
The path that I have chosen now has lead me to a wall
and with each passing day I feel a little
more like something dear was lost
It rises now before me, a dark and silent barrier between
All I am, and all that I would ever want to be
It's just a travesty, towering, marking
Off the boundaries my Spirit would erase

Kansas the Wall

The wall of waste is a dark a silent barrier that stands between me and my destiny. Each brick represents a missed opportunity, a wasted chance, a lack of follow through, a lack of attention to details, and the careless acts of wasting my inner resources. Each brick contains a story of waste. I wasted my life and ended up in a pig pen. The wall is a layer of wasted years.

How do I deal with that? Wasting my life?

I had it slip threw right my hands. 

Why didn't I see how each brick was so important to my life?

Why didn't I make the most of my life?

The locust have eaten my life like a cancer and left me broken and empty. 

I feel like I have nothing left....what do I do now?

My plight is to stop my wretched reminiscing and start redeeming.

 "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.....and you shall eat in the land of plenty, and be satisfied..."   
Joel 2: 25-26

I don't redeem my past, but I redeem the meaning of value. Now that I glare at this wall of waste I ask, "What have I learned to value?"  What do I value now? What is important in my life? Tucked within my wall of waste is a valuable lesson; the lesson is I now know what I value. I win my war with a deep sense of gratitude for the wisdom life has delivered to me. I walk with a sense of thanksgiving and stewardship for my God given gifts. I will not let them slip through my hands. 

I must diligently guard the truths I now carry in my heart. 

"They shall run like mighty men;
they shall climb the wall like men of war;
they shall march everyone on his ways...
they shall walk every one on his ways"   
Joel 2: 7-8

I will climb this wall like a mighty man of war and get over it! 

I have been through too much to allow this wall to stop me. My power is in the now and not in the knowledge of my past. Right now I have made the decision to get over it....get over this wall....get over this hurt.....get over this pain....get over this disappointment...get over my failures....most of all I will get over me!

I the Prodigal do find inspiration in the songs that speak to me....
I call them God's Angels who play guitar.

To pass beyond is what I seek, I fear that I may be too weak
And those are few who've seen it through to glimpse the other side
The promise land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride
The moment is a masterpiece, the weight of indecision in the air
It's standing there, the symbol and the sum of all that's me
It's just a travesty, towering, blocking out the light and blinding me
I want to see  

Kansas the Wall 

I will redeem myself

I will see the promise land

I will eat the grapes of the vine

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