Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Think Flower Power: Find Your Spiritual Family

  You have a Spiritual Family!

You hear a lot about Soul Mates and we often equate that with finding your life partner. You have other Soul Mates along this journey that don't fit into that slot. If we expand our minds we can reach the understanding that we have many Soul Mates in this life time.

Family Soul Mates


Just because you are related to a person by blood doesn't mean they are a soul mate, but being a blood relative doesn't mean they can't be a vital part of your journey. Being family we all share a connection on this journey, but with some family members will feel a special connection. You might go through intense storms that test the relationship, but after the storms have past you see their importance during your journey.

We must develop a sense of peace towards all the family members, wearing gloves of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Your family is a vital part of your journey and as you walk in peace towards them you enlarge the peace in your own heart.

Remember, some of your blood relatives will be a special soul mate during your journey.

Special Friends


Be open to the Special Friends that join you during your journey. Soul mate friends will get the real you and like you for being the real you. 

You will have many friends during your life, but be on the look out for Special Friends. Special Friends are the ones you will be able to relate to on a Spiritual Level. These friends are on their own Spiritual journey and share the same hunger for Spiritual growth. 

Some of these soul mate friends will be for life.

Some will pass through your life for a season.

Remember that no man is an island and these Spiritual friends are vital to our success. They will become our teachers and our students at the same time. Together you will shape one another to your highest good. 

Animal Mates


Most every Spiritual soul I have met on this path has a real connection to animals.  

"If you talk to the animals,
they will talk with you
and you will know each other.
If you do not talk to them,
you will not know them,
and what you do not know,
you will fear.
What one fears one destroys.

Chief Dan George 

All I know is I've never had a pet, but I've had my little soul mates. 

We talked, we shared life together and some have been with me during spiritual adventures. The experiences we collected were priceless.

I once had a very crafty cat that taught me how to survive a very challenging season in life. If I had the time I could write several volumes of books on the exploits of this sketchy cat. All I know is the experiences were supernatural.

Guess what?

Many of you have had an animal like that in your life right?

Don't tell me you can't have an animal mate. 

Your Spiritual Family is waiting for you


Remember your Spiritual Family is waiting for you to arrive. The key is that you must get into tune with the concept. 

You get into the tune of the concept by working on the Inner you and believe that your Soul mates are out there waiting.

What are they waiting on?

Waiting for you to rise to the next level. 

Go to go for now.....a stray cat I call "Sketchy" I know and haven't seen for a while is stopping bye for a visit. 

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