Thursday, January 22, 2015

Think Flower Power: I Am Aware!

"Look at he birds of the air."

Do you want to develop awareness? 

I suggest that you start with birds. Before you leave your house be open and look for a bird. The first bird you see; stop, look and concentrate on the bird. Then project your feelings into the bird and ask how does it feel? What if I told you the bird will sense you? What if I told you if you listen to the bird he will speak to you on an inner level?  What if I told you after a long time away from my home in sunny Florida that when I arrived home I had a bird welcome me home?

If you think this is crazy, then maybe you need to expand your awareness.

That's what happened during the Flower Power movement, people began to expand their minds to higher levels of thinking, traveled different paths and became aware of new possibilities.

Being aware is allowing yourself to think outside the box. If you are unable to take the time to talk to a bird you are taking yourself too seriously. If you take your life so serious then you will find yourself rushing from point A to point B and missing all that is in between. Slowing down to just look at the birds of the air will begin to flip your script.

Once you begin to notice the birds and have your first bird connection you will begin to wonder what else am I missing?

That's what the Flower Children discovered, they discovered what they were missing.

The beauty of a sunset....when was the last time you took time to notice it's beauty?

Playing in the rain.....can you remember when?

Getting in touch with nature....are you stuck inside the house?

Party just to you ever kick back?

Sit by the campfire.....look into the skies?

Start to take notice of the world around you and you can do this on your way to work. Turn off your cell phone, turn off the radio and slow down a bit. Remember, overly serious people rush from point A to B. Now on your way to work force yourself to notice everything around you. Take notice of the local business that are in the area, the houses, the people walking, and the animals you see. Demand your mind to notice everything. Now when you arrival at work take note of every new thing you discovered....write it down right then and then do the same thing on the way home.You will be amazed at all you miss.

I've know people they didn't know where a business was located and they pass bye it everyday on the way to work....for years! They were so asleep in their own world that they were unaware of what was around them...they have tunnel vision.

If you do this exercise and discover things you are missing, then let me ask you a mind blowing question?

What else are we missing in life?

How many missed opportunities?

How many missed connections?

How many messages from the universe?

How much do we miss on this journey?

We need to slow down....turn off the noise for a moment...and just be aware of what is around us. Once we become more aware of what is around us in the physical world....we will become more aware of what going on in the Spirit World. 

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