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Think Flower Power: Make Love Not War!

Are You Ready To Make Love ?

Make love, not war is an anti-war slogan that's associated with the Flower Power movement. The "Make Love" part of the slogan referred to the concept of "Free Love" that was growing among the Flower Children. The movement renounced the tradition view of marriage and "Make Love, Not War" fueled the sexual revolution. They were questioning the values and norms of their parents and it was more than just free for all sex. Many Flower Children found their soul mate and didn't feel the need to seek the approval of man to make their union secure. They just didn't need to have some piece paper to prove their love. Many did find a new freedom in their sexuality and it's expression. Women began to feel more free and people were more open to explore their sexuality without a sense of guilt.

The whole concept is that this planet would be a better place if we sought to "Make Love, Not War."


The Flower Power movement was opposed to war and believed that peace was the answer. The world would be a better place if we focused on making love, right?

Now is the time to expand the concept is bring it to this generation.

We Make Love, Not War by taking a glimpse into our own life and experience.

Are you at War with anyone or anything?

Life wasn't meant to be a struggle, but a steady flow of passion, grace and inner fire.

Are you at war with an X-lover?

Are you at war with any family members?

What about your neighbors or co-workers?

What about when you drive down the road? Are you in a war with inner road rage?

Are you a war with poverty? Lack? 

What about worry and anxiety? Do you fight the fight with depression?

I find a lot of people walking this planet carrying around this inner war. There are people mad as hell and they don't even know why they are angry. There are people slipping into a fog of anxiety and live in a constant state of worry. You don't have to look around much to find that  many people are so unhappy....they experience very little peace or joy! 

They are fighting an inner war.

What are you at war with?

Are you at war with you?

Do you love you?

Or are you at war with you?

Do you hate your looks? Hate your weight? Hate your wardrobe?

Do you hate your job?

Do you hate your boss?

Do you hate how your life turned out and think you should have made it further along?

Do you hate you?

I went through a time in life where I felt it sucked in a major way. I hated my job, my marriage and how my life had turned out in general. That bitterness attracted a nasty case of cancer into my life and my cancer was a symbol of my bitterness. When you are at war with yourself the battle becomes bitter. See if you can't love you, if you can't cut yourself a break. then who in God's name will? 

You need you in your need you to believe in you.

Are you ready to make love?

Start with loving the fact that you are alive!

I forgot that and cancer taught me to appreciate the gift of life. 

I love my life right here and now!

Everyday I wake up loving life. I love the gift of life and what it has to deliver to me today.

You make love to life by living it with a sense of gratitude.

The next way you make love to life is loving what you do in life.

If you hate your job...then don't! Be grateful for the job you now have and the money it brings you. If you keep this hate and bitterness you will carry it to every job you have. The way you find a job you love is by learning to love the job you have. The spirit of love and gratitude will promote you to better jobs and higher levels of living.

Now during the process discover what you would really love to do. You might even have to take a pay cut to do what you love. You might have to go back to school or acquire a new skill. You might have to focus on the love of what your doing rather than money alone. Who cares if you make a bunch of money and get colon cancer in the process? 

I would rather sell candles on the beach and live in a one bedroom apartment, than live in a mansion of misery. 

Once you do what you love, you'll become more loving.

You deserve love, you know?

Many have given up on love because of past pain and bitterness. They feel that love has passed them by and accept that they are unworthy of love.The truth is you are worthy to receive anything the universe has to offer, including love.

The first place to find love is in the mirror. You have to learn to love yourself before you can share that love with someone else.

Are you ready to work miracles in your life? Then begin to love yourself.

Don't be a war with you. Don't look in the mirror and calculate all the things you dislike about yourself. Learn to look in the mirror and say, "I love you....I love my life." 

Part of the process of finding love is to open yourself up to love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and will open countless doors in your life.

Part of my Life mission is to help others find that perfect soul mate and discover their spiritual family. All I know is that you deserve love and should speak it into the universe. Say, "I am open to receiving all good in my life. Open the doors for my perfect soul mate and my spiritual family to enter into my life". Discover more about your soul mates by visiting our section Soul Mate Secrets: The Doorway to your Spiritual Family and mates.

Make love to life

I use to hate my life and walked around in a pissed off state half of the time.

What changed my life was gratitude. I mean real honest gratitude. I went through a process where I demanded my mind to exercise gratitude on a daily basis. 

What gratitude did for me was develop contentment in my life. Are you content with your life? 

   "There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you are meant to be."   John Lennon

Right now your are where you are to be! You might as well learn to be thankful, loving and content with what life has delivered you this far. I not saying you can't have a vision to change, but you have to live with a sense of gratitude right now. That's even if your life appears to be a mess right now. Gratitude with lift you out of the mess and trust me I am talking from experience. I have made some major messes and it was the power of gratitude that lifted me out of that mess.

Now I love life....I dig it to the max....I am open to all the good the universe has to offer.

Build a love for your life and open your heart to the possibilities of love. Before you leave your house say: "Today I will greet everyone I meet with a Spirit of love." When you pass people on the street give them a hello, a smile and project a feeling of love. Go out into the world with a loving attitude and offer up random acts of kindness. What you are trying to do is to become an agent of light and share the love of God to a world at war.

Do you want world peace?

If yes, then world peace stars with you....all you need to do is work to make your little piece of the world peaceful.

Learn to love you.

Learn to love others.

Learn to receive love.

Learn to love life.

There is too much war going around the planet and now is the time to love.

So, "Make Love, Not War," 

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