Sunday, January 18, 2015

Think Flower Power: Poetry write your verse!

"Whether it's Son House slappin' his guitar or public enemy samplin' Isaac get what you gotta say out. Cuz you got to...every man, you know, has the right...the Goddamn a verse."

Shelby from Hustle and Flow

Your life is a verse!

What will it say!

I encourage you to journal. Every successful life needs to be recorded and your life is a success. Don't think "I'm just this", because there is a place in this world only you can fill. You might think, "I'm just a stay at home mom", oh, what a slot to fill, what a high calling, right? Where ever you find yourself the Kingdom of God has brought you to this place and this time. Every event and condition of your life is a vital part of your spiritual journey. That spiritual journey is special and unique to are a success and your life needs to be recorded.

Start to write what you feel everyday. Learn to express yourself on paper. 

I dig technology to the max, but there is something special about the written word. What is more special is to see your words on paper.

Begin to write everyday, expressing your feelings, write down positives quotes you discover along the way, write down your dreams, record your battles and your victories. You are giving yourself the chance to one day see how you have evolved. That spiritual evolution is the poetry of your life. You will be able to look back at your life and see where you were and how far you have come.

I pulled out some old journals the other day. They were well over a year old and I hadn't read them in a very long time. I began to read them and experienced what I call the "Wow" factor! I sat there and saw all I had been through and the things Spirit had spoken to me and I said a big WOW! 

I read about my dream of writing and wondered how I was going to do it? During this particular journal I didn't even own a computer and had a snowballs chance in hell of buying one anytime soon. I said, "Okay God, I know I'm to write now open the doors for me to get a computer. Then I read in a journal a few months later where someone out of the blue felt they should buy me a computer. I never even shared with anyone that I was believing God for a way to get a computer. A few months earlier my life was reduced to nothing and God showed me that I have to believe him now for everything and everything that came into my life from now on would be of divine provision.

The journals show me where I have been and where my faith took me. What I saw was that God's got a plan that I don't know or understand. It's all locked away in my divine mind and only comes to me in bits and pieces. I had to learn to live by faith and not lean to my own understanding. After reading journals that covered around a two year period I discovered that the Spirit had a way and a plan that now makes sense. It's like Spirit led poetry and since I ditched my plans and started to make spirit my guide my life is now making music. Everything seems to flow.

From my journals came my writings and I am now able to share those writings on the world wide web. I had to first start writing my verse in my journals even though I didn't have a computer. You can only begin where you are!

You my friend have a verse to contribute. Don't try to over think it. Just write your verse everyday and the magic will happen.  

You Spiritual Journey is unique to you. It is very special and scared. One day I hope the most inspiration reading you find is in your own journals...they are God speaking a special message to you.

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