Monday, January 26, 2015

Why I drop the F-Bomb!

A while back a dear lady sent me a message and asked me to please not use the F-Word!

Does that word offend you? 

What does that word mean today? You got to face it the word has went through an evolution and It doesn't mean the same thing it meant back when I was a young lad. I notice that the word is deeply tucked away in our culture. The biggest flip out to me when I left the Ministry way back in 1995 was how commonly the word is used in the work force of the real world. When I was in the ministry I lived in an ivory tower and rarely heard what we called curse words. People didn't talk like that around me because I was a man of the cloth, so they hid their real lingo from me. The coolest thing that happened when I left the life of a minister was that people began to be real around me and I started hearing the language of the real world.

When I first started writing almost a year ago I wanted to be open about my life, my failures, my dark side and all I had encounter in my checkered past. I struggled with using certain language  because I felt it was not spiritual. My Spirit Dude wanted me to be real to my experience and to my art as a writer. Even though I was writing inspiration and spiritual material, I wanted to be real to myself and my experience. 

I am a Prodigal and my Prodigal ways have taken me to the edge and back. How can I be real if I don't open my readers to my real world?

My real world is in the streets I walk everyday and the people I encounter. That's where I really begun my desire to inspire and I was working with people on the streets long before I ever put anything on paper. I went out everyday and asked God to give me a message to deliver to the people I encounter during my day.

The people he brings me are homeless, drug addicts, hookers, dealers, X-cons and the dregs of society.  I keep it real and I talk to them on their level.

What happened was my language disarmed the dregs and I wasn't some goody Church person trying to reform them and get them into church. I was able to talk to them about God and how he desires to help them in their current state. They felt comfortable around me and they are touched by my spirit. 

When I was a preacher; with my soap washed mouth, my suit and tie, and on a crusade to reform people and get them into church...the dregs of this world avoided me like the plague. I wasn't trying to get them to God....I was trying to get them into a church building.

Now they flock to me and are happy to see me on the street.

About three months ago my Soul Mate and I ran into a heroin addict that we had befriended and she ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She understands the struggle; for she lost a brother to the battle of addiction. We asked how he was doing and with a sad look in his eyes he said, "I not doing to good, I'm really struggling with it." I could tell he was fighting back a the tears and he felt alone in his darkness. We told him how much we loved him, how God loves him and that God could set him free. We said a prayer with him right on the street corner and parted ways. As we started to walk away he says, "I love you guys." 

This heroin addict doesn't care about my language because he sees beyond my mouth and feels my heart...he knows I love him.

So when I write, I'm being real and hope my little street friends will one day read my stuff.

That's who I'm after; the Prodigals, the dregs of society and the less than perfect.

I'm a rebel, a Prodigal and want to push the envelope as far as I can.

I'm sorry if I might offend some, but  I say this in the nicest way,

Prodigals do not always behave correctly! 

I don't give a FUCK if people don't care for my choice of words. I just care about being real to myself and the people I desire to reach. If I offend you I guess you will just have to click away....cause I ain't changing.

The people who get me....get me...they actually like it that I am raw and real!

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