Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Flower Power Spirituality 1 Year Old Today

I had written an eBook called the "The Prodigal's Diaries"and was really lost to the next step.

I had really zip social media skills and never really took to the Internet. I just payed a few bills, watched You Tube and surfed a little. I really had no interest in social media.

I had experienced a quickening and got in touch with my dreams. My spirit took me through a process of stripping everything from my life, to bring me to a place called "Nothing." I found a place of nothing a very beautiful place, because my life now stood before me limitless. The place of nothing was where the spirit stripped away my ego and taught me love acceptance and forgiveness...from this place of nothing I had to believe God for everything.

I had this dream and vision to write, but had one problem....I had no computer and a snowballs chance in hell of buying one. I was daily believing God for simple things like rent and food. I was learning to eat a $1.00 frozen hamburger and saying, "God I thank you for this hamburger and the food you provided" and really mean it. I no longer complained, I was living with a new spirit of gratitude.

I said okay great Spirit I need a computer if we are going to do this writing gig, so I thank you for my computer. I continued this practice for 7 months. I could feel a computer coming my way. I told no one my intentions but my Soul Mate. I walked in the door one day and my wife say check it out and someone had felt the need to buy me a computer from hundreds of miles away.

Now I had my computer, but now I had guilt. How can I write and teach? I am a complete mess up and why would anyone read my stuff. I had a special teacher Spirit had brought into my life and encouraged me to pursue my dream, telling me that the Kingdom had prepared me for a times as this....I just had to fight that you can't, with just doing it.! I felt the call, but had to fight my unworthy attitude. 

One day one of my Angels spoke to me through the lips of a stranger....he said, "sometimes you got to finish what you started." I started the dream in my heart and journals....I had my God given computer now....I just had to start.

I had an old Facebook page and stumbled across an old Google+ page, both I never really used. I had tried to Blog a few years earlier, but quit after one month and one friend on Google plus. I was experiencing writers block and really couldn't come up with anything to write. I ran across a guy with a blog that had around 200 followers on Google. I thought how in the hell do you get 200 followers?....this shit is I quit.

Last year all I had was a book I had written and a stack of journals I had been writing in for over a year. I carried the vision and dream of writing inspirational books that would inspire others; like the writers that inspired my journey. I really didn't know how to go about it. I learned to listen to my Spirit man and just take steps.

This call to write was so real now that I decided to commit to the crusade and do it no matter what. I ran across an old quote from Hunter S Thompson that gave me my motivation and attitude:

"As things stand now, I am going to be a writer. I am not sure that I'm going to be a good one or even a self-supporting one, but until the dark thumb print of fate presses me to the dust and says your nothing, I will be a writer."

I got quiet and waited on my Spirit Dude for some direction. I had no money, no writers friends to ask for advice and really no plan of action. I asked for wisdom.
My Spirit Dude said, "Try that blog thing you tried."

I thought, "are you serious, I just want to write eBooks and I haven't got a clue to this blogging thing."

All I knew was for the first time in my life I was totally led by my Spirit and that Spirit inside of me was meeting every need I had, filling my journals full of personal direction and brought me to a place of total peace.

I listened and didn't have a clue to what I was doing and on 4-11-14 I started a blog called, "Flower Power Spirituality." The Flower Power thing was my Spirit Dudes idea. So I gave it a half ass try. Here is my first blog one has ever read it. Click here 2 check it out! 

I was then directed to raise my Google+ page from the dead and start learning about social media....something I was never really into...It made me move beyond my comfort zone.

I started making and sharing post on Google+ and later was directed to learn to make my own info-graphs. My Soul Mate told me that whoever was to read my stuff would be attracted to my with what ya got son...Spirit will show you the way. I remember telling my wife, hey 3 peopled liked what I posted...that's awesome. I touched someone today. She would gently tell me over and over..."slow roll son....take your time...the people who are to read it will read it. If only one person is touched through your writing then you made a difference. Just do what you do with people on the streets....hit them with what Spirit gives you.

The Spirit then told me not to focus on numbers, don't focus on money, focus on manifesting your creativity and taking it to it's highest level. So I would wake up and ask spirit, "What do you want me to write?" I've never really had a plan, I just write using my Divine guidance.

The vision began to unfold and overtime I began to see different themes and topics my Spirit was leading me to share. I learned a little more about blogging and how to structure it for the reader. To my surprise the structure was there I just didn't know it yet. More people started to visit my blog and reading my Google+ postings and the thing started to grow.

The coolest thing was how the people I was "trying to inspire" began to "inspire me." Comments like, "That's just what I needed to hear today" showed me I was on the right track. My Google+ soul mates started infusing my creativity with more energy.

So I thank you all my Google + friends who have inspired me by being attracted to my dream. It's not about the numbers, it's about connecting with your online soul mates. Your support and kind words have inspired my quest.

This is the 1st year of my quest and here is what you helped and inspired.

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So we are growing our vision of spreading the vibe and you are a huge part of my quest.

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