Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Breakout of Boredom!


Why are our minds so busy?



How much anxiety is birthed from overactive minds?



When was the last time you gave your mind a break?



When was the last time you unplugged and got lost in the silence?

Have you every experienced the beauty of doing nothing....overcoming the fear of sitting in silence?


Richard Carlson wrote a very cool book called, "Don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff." He lays out an amazing concept called "Allow yourself to be bored." He states, "It's almost as though we're frightened at the thought of not having something to do, even for a moment....The beauty of doing nothing is that it teaches you to clear your mind and relax." 

Your mind needs a break...your mind needs to relax.

Are you tired of being bored?

Are you tired of fingering the remote while surfing endlessly 100's of TV channels with nothing good to watch?

Tired of just clicking mouse?

Try this...unplug when you feel bored.

Turn off the TV....turn off the phone....turn off the computer....turn off the noise.

Now just sit in silence and learn to relax.

Just sit there and do nothing....sit peacefully.

You have to allow yourself to be bored.

Learning to sit in silence you create a sense of peace.

"When you allow your mind to take a break, it comes back stronger, sharper, more focused and creative."   Richard Carlson 

Overtime I have trained myself to be able to sit in a room for hours in silence....I can sit there a peace...just do nothing....watching the sun set.....feeling peaceful.

How do you break out of boredom?

Allow yourself to be bored....learn to sit peacefully.

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