Saturday, February 14, 2015

Relationships were never meant to be a struggle

Do you struggle in your relationship?

What was your home life like growing up?

What did you observe in the adult relationships of your experience?

Do you remember any peaceful, understanding, loving and joyous unions while growing up on this planet?

Do you remember any souls that were crazy in love...not just in the beginning, but long term "let's get in on" attitude?

If you did that's cool and all, but that wasn't my experience. When I was a young man in church they would say of two newly married kids, "just wait till the honeymoon wears off." Trust me that shit wore off and they bought into the lie that relationships are a struggle.

Why shouldn't they? All my young life I saw married people and the struggle to survive. They find love and they somehow let the drama of life steal it away. The rat race can be hell on your love life if you let it. You find yourself running around like crazy...trying to make the rent....snag the food...take care of the kids...and rush off to a job you hate. The rat race to survive will suck the love right out of you. During the fight to survive....we turn on our sacred partner...we start fighting with the one we should be joining forces with to demolish the struggle. It's not until we lose love that we realize it importance, but often that is too late. 

Life is not meant to be struggle....but a gentle flow. 

If you buy into the idea of marriage as a selection process, or planning for the big day, or the idea that 2 new cars, a house in the burbs, 2 lovely kids, a dog, a cat and a white picket fence is going to make your life a fairy tale then you are missing the boat. All this American dream ideology will cloud your mind and leave you empty if you are not true to yourself.

If you attracted your soul mate you can get arrested and lose all your stuff, sleep in a tent for a couple months, eat in soup kitchens, get humiliated by agencies that say they help people and still find time to make love in the middle of a football field at know the true power of your relationship, because your relationship has been through the fire baby!. You could still be crazy in love and join forces to overcome the struggle you face...even if that struggle is as intense as losing all and being homeless.

You might think...nobody can do that? We fight every month when the rent is due? 

Trust me somebody can do that and I am that somebody. I remember it well....especially the football field. 

My first marriage would not have went down so smoothly. Matter of fact I would have been sleeping in that tent I take that back....I would have still been in jail cause she wouldn't have bailed me out like my current soul mate did. In my first marriage I bought into the idea of marriage. I was a young minister at the time and a huge emphasis was placed on marrying the right person...making the right selection. It was a lot of head this the right person? can we make this work? what's our plan? will she fit in my ministry,? what are her talents? can she sing? play piano? what kind of wedding are you planning?

My first wife was a good person, not just the right person for me. I must admit before my marriage my Spirit Dude told me to back out if it, but I didn't listen...I followed my head and lost out on my heart.

What I learned is we can't engage our heads when we are trying to follow our heart....our spirit.

It's really simple if you are in a relationship and it is not working you have to try to fix it. If you can't fix it, then you got to ditch it....cuz that dog ain't gonna fight. If you have your soul mate then you two join forces and overcome the struggle and Escape the Drama ! If you are seeking a soul mate then follow your heart and allow your spirit to guide you. You can attract your soul mate and find a loving peaceful relationship.



"True Soul mates never find themselves in a turbulent relationship, true soul mates bring peace, understanding, communication, comfort, joy, love and trust with them as they enter into a relationship" 

Eric F Williams


When I read this the other day it hit me hard. The fact that I found someone who believes like I do. That your relationship doesn't have to be a drama filled turbulent roller coaster ride. I believe if two spiritual souls that are seeking God's heart for their life can join together and create a power house of energy. They can have that awesome relationship and walk together in peace.

I'm not saying the you won't face battles....I'm saying real soul mates fight the battles of life without turning on one another. They join forces and kick ass and take names. If the power is in you...that you can overcome all things...and you really believe it.....what can two of you joined together in harmony do? 

"Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the mist of you."   Matthew 18:19-20

Relationships were never meant to be a struggle!

Thanks to Eric F Williams

Eric is author/poet/producer/owner/CEO of Upwardly Mobile Entertainment Records Inc.

I really dig his work and this book has a lot of heart...lot of spirit!
Smiles and cries: A book of Life Affirming, Story Telling Poetry 

You can find his writings on Amazon 
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