Friday, February 27, 2015

Stability and the Manifestation Process

Why don't this stuff work for me?


I bought the books, inhaled a bunch of motivation cassettes....(for you young jets who don't know what I am talking about, a cassette tape was a method to deliver sounds to the human ear and it was amazing in that upgrade from the 8 track tape....if you have no clue at this cassette tape thing I won't take a jab at explaining the 8 track...don't want it to drag on)...and I sought endlessly for some deep truth that would give me Jedi manifestation powers quick.

Haste was the case they gave me!

I wanted things fast.

Hell yes I wanted it fast. They told me that "what I put out was what I got back"...They said, "That which is like unto itself, is drawn".."that my thoughts are like a magnet"....Think and grow rich...go for it!

Where in the hell is my BMW?

I made a vision board with a big black BMW, threw in nice crib and a new wardrobe to boost my energy.....I had been doing it for a whole 2 weeks and began to think WTF? I want my stuff!

My ego would scream and go wine in the corner. (No I didn't spell it wrong, I went in the corner and drank wine.)

So I would get frustrated and quit for a couple of days while I bitched and moaned over how life sucked in a major way. Then I would feel spiritual one day and go back to the vision board and start naming it and claiming it. During this process someone or something would piss me off and I would return to bitching about my life. It was a cosmic ping-pong match...back and forth from affirmations of faith to feelings of deep seeded doubts.

I never got my BMW. 

I had zip stability in my affirmations of faith.

After a couple of years of making my heart pure, aligning to my higher good and seeking inner virtues, my spirit gave me a BMW...a little green light inside...a feeling of being worthy to receive....I'm just waiting on the check to stress...just waiting...I already have the title....and until law delivers I'll do the bus. 

I have received so many miracles in the past couple of years I wouldn't have time to list them all. What I can tell you is overtime the attraction process moves faster. A few months back spirit told me to book from FL to RI for a few. I said "Okay, but it is very cold up those parts and I'm a Fl hippie that just does shorts and flip flops...I going to need some jeans." Two days later a crack addict I had been praying for came knocking on my door, she said, "The church outreach was giving away all these clothes and they had 4 brand new pair of Levi's and I thought of you. Is this your size?" Delivered to my door 4 pairs of Levi jeans in my size. The big part of the miracle wasn't the jeans, the big miracle she could have traded those jeans for a couple of rocks of crack. If you know any crack'll understand, and yes crack dealers barter. 

These experiences over the past two years have become uncommonly...common.



If you are believing for something you must first believe you have it and without wavering you must wait with a sense of patience.

If you say: "I AM ABUNDANT...ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET." You have to remain steady in the fact that you are abundant even when you are eating a bowl of Ramen noodles. 

Imagine this. Spirit brought you to a place of nothing to teach you how to believe yourself out of nothing. You have nothing to eat, but Ramen noodles. Without bitching over no food, you give thanks for your noodles....for your 3 squares a day....the entire time you say: "I am Abundant...all my needs are met" must think it, speak it, act it and feel it. 

Try that for about 3 days without hitting your flip out button. I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend the 3 day Ramen noodle seminar on the path to divine abundance.

Now I have an abundance of food and for some strange reason people are always banging on my door bringing me food for no apparent reason. Last night out of the blue a dude knocked on my door and brought me a hot pizza....he said he had an extra...WTF?...A extra pizza? I thought very cool spirit, but that would have been nice during my 3 day Ramen noodle seminar.

Your faith has to be stable.

Your faith has to be firm.

Your faith has to be sound.

Your faith has to be strong.

Your faith has to be sturdy.

You can't mix insecurity, instability, and your precarious conscious with your thought forms of faith.

You have to release a steady vibe into the universe...a vibe that is not easily changed or moved by the emotions in your current circumstance.

Keep it stable baby!

Don't allow frustration to rob your vibe!

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