Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yo man! When do we get to do the stuff?

"What's wrong with smoking pot?" He said, "God made it right?" He went on to say that "somewhere in the bible it say that God made all the plants...so didn't God make pot?" I said "sounds like a good religion where do I sign up?" He said, "You sign up here bitch, a joint will cost ya 50 cent and you got to match if I sell ya one...cuz that's how we do it." I asked, "What's a match? I got a lighter?" He laughed like I was stupid,  "Match is when I sell you a joint and we smoke it and I smoke one of mine. Can't smoke unless you match...no bogarts dude."

I was only 12 years old and little did I know that first joint would lead to a 7 year roller coaster ride into the land of drugs, sex, rock-n-roll and running the streets 24/7. I'm not trying to say it's a gateway drug....that was just my experience....what I do know is it is a gateway to Taco Bell and Doritos.  

My parents were at a loss of what to do with me. The excessive school skipping and the terror I caused when at school brought so much trouble that at age 15 I was kicked out of school. The principle told my parents they could fight it, but bye the time the courts were finished I would be 16 years old anyway and they could then legally do it. They said, "Mrs. Dunbar we are just real tired of him and we sent him packing, he showed up here today blown out of his mind." I guess I will give him that one...I just don't know if it was the 10 Valiums or the gram of hash I smoked before arriving at school 1 hour late.

So around age 19 I crashed and burned in a big way. Life was void, empty and lacked any real purpose.I knew I had to get my life right so I returned to church. There we a few Jesus Freaks left back then and I tried to join their ranks, but my traditional church really didn't dig my long hair and my screaming Gibson Les Paul. So I cut my hair, sold my guitar and joined the mindless rhythm of the religious grind. 

I met some x-Jesus freaks at the time and was trying to sway them back to the church. They told me they left the church because it was dead and boring. They said they didn't want to just sit around singing hymns and listening to dead sermons. What one said blew my mind. He blurted out, "I was reading in the bible where Jesus did all these Miracles and all this healing...so I asked the Pastor, "When do we get to do the stuff?" The Pastor looked at me and said, "What stuff?" I said, "The stuff Jesus did:...the miracles, the healing, feeding the 5000, raising the dead, "You know the stuff", all the "The Supernatural stuff?" The pastor lovingly told him, "That stuff passed away with the last disciple, God doesn't work like that anymore."

The last disciple died and God said, "Okay that's it. No more healing the last disciple died."

So these Jesus freaks gave up on God, because they couldn't do church. They didn't find any life and they just wanted to do the stuff. The crazy thing is Jesus told us we could do the same stuff he did if we believe.

Do you want to do the stuff?

Do you want to pray for some one and they are healed? Do you want to work miracles in your life? To you want to take this power inside of you and make a difference? 

I want to. 

I want to set addicts free. I think that would be a worthy goal. That I can say to a heroin addict do you want to be healed? Then through the power of hands on healing set them free.

Where do you start....being a healer?

Start simple. 

Start praying for others.

Believe you have the power. That you shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. 

Do random acts of kindness.

Become more giving.

Have a big heart.

Want to do the stuff?

Then just start doing it! 

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