Monday, March 16, 2015

The Doorway of Choosing Battles: From Escape The Drama!

Once you have discovered who you are you are faced with a choice.

You can fight the drama of the Physical Plane through seeking approval or you can fight to manifest the real you.

You can’t do both.

The only way to deal with the Drama of the Physical Plane is through love, acceptance and forgiveness.  We have to keep our hearts pure and practice non-judgment towards others. We have to allow them to be as crazy as they want to be. Their life has nothing to do with mine…I stand alone in my power and walk in love.

Love, acceptance and forgiveness will open the way to Escape the Drama. If you have any bitterness, forgiveness and hate it will pull you back into the drama and trap you in a prison of discontentment.

Your real battle is to manifest the real you.

When you battle to manifest the real you; you have to do battle with the toxic energy around you, and you have to battle the doubt you have concerning the real you. You have to overcome the guilt of ditching your tribe.

This requires Spiritual warfare. The Bible provides the armor of God that equips the Spiritual Warrior to Escape the Drama. I won’t throw out Chapter and verse; I’ll just go over the details of the armor and how to use it.

The first thing you need to do is to become strong in your Inner Power. The Kingdom of God is within you and it is your responsibility to know yourself.

It takes strength and courage to step out and walk alone.


The people that desire to control you offer perks. Remember anytime someone helps you it cost. 

Joey wants to be a Musician. He joined a band in college and loves music with a passion. He loves the thrill of the crowd and expressing himself. He never feels more alive than when he’s on stage. The Band decides to ditch college and hit the road in the pursuit to manifest fame and riches. 

Joey has one big problem!

Joey comes from a rich line of accountants. His grandfather started the firm and Joey’s Dad and two brothers work at the firm. Joey’s older sister graduated from college and works at the firm. Joey was sent to college to be formed into the firm. Trust me its firm. Joey’s going to be an account hell or high water. His Parents have been planning it for him his whole life.

Here’s the real damn problem!

If Joey quits college and takes his shot at rock stardom the nipple is removed from his bitchy mouth.

No more allowance!

No more Apartment rental.

No more transportation, so return the brand new bad ass Jeep Joey!

By the way…You can never live here after you quit school and this rock star shit fumbles…you’re on your own.

Listen here you little prick Joey; we made it so you could attend college worry free. All you have to do is go to school and finish. Once you finish the firm starts you out at $60,000 a year provided by your Father’s coat tail. You have a membership to the country club and as soon as you settle down and get married you will be given a down payment for a home in this lovely gated community.

Joey….if you fuck this up you are history.

What does Joey do? 

If he follows his dream and fails he could lose all the perks.

If Joey isn’t strong, if Joey is unwilling to know his real self; and battle, and suffer, for the manifestation of his dream he is dead in the water. If he can’t live in a sleazy apartment with 3 other band mates and eat Ramie noodles for a year he is dead in the water. If he can’t face the struggle, if he is afraid of taking a chance, he is dead in the water. He will be a $60,000 a year account with his guitar rusting in the closet. Every time he sees a band perform on TV he sadly questions within, “could that have been me?” He joins the “could have been fantasy club.”

That is why a lot of Rock Stars rise up out of poverty….they can suffer till the universal law delivers.

You have to be able to stand strong in your power.

How do you do that?

You put on your Spiritual armor

First you put on the belt of truth. You have to be true to yourself. You have to walk in the truths you know. Love, acceptance and forgiveness are the strongest path and you must align to those truths that are already deep in your spirit. So you stand true to yourself and you forgive everyone who stands in your way…but, you strongly let them know your way.

Mom and Dad I love you, but being an account was your plan, not mine. I love you, but here are the keys to the jeep. Should I send you a postcard?

Now you put on the breastplate of righteousness. I’ll make this one simple. I was raised that being righteous was good works…doing the right stuff. That’s a lie. The only way I get right with God is becoming who he wants me to be. I must walk the path my Divine Destiny has laid out for me.

I get right with God, by getting right with me. I must follow the desires and dreams Spirit has placed in my heart.

That’s the only approval I need.

I have to be right with me.

Now have your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. You spread peace, by becoming at peace with yourself.

You have to stand strong in your power…you have to manifest this thing called you.

You can then walk into this world with a sense of peace and people will be attracted to that energy. People are repelled by weakness and attracted to power.

Now take the shield of faith. It blocks all the fiery darts of negativity that try to enter your happy and fun place.

When negativity tells you that you can’t, tell it to watch me…I Am going to do this!

You don’t get in the ring and fight with people who host toxic energy; you just deflect the spirit of it with your shield of faith.

I view it like mosquitoes swarming around me…I have to just swat them away and detach from the emotion. 

I then put on the helmet of salvation. I must renew my mind from the negativity of my circumstances. I must police my thoughts and keep my mind pure. My helmet of salvation is my Divine Mind.

I think God empower thoughts.

I can do all things.

As I think in my heart so am I.

I have a Divine Purpose and plan to execute my God given calling.

I can do all things.

I am power.

Keep saying I am Power and you will become it.

Use God empowered thoughts to create your brand new destiny.

Now take the sword of the Spirit, the words of God.

Death and life are in the power of tongue.

Begin to speak life to your dreams and death to your doubts.

Tell your doubts to go back to hell where they came from.

Stand strong in a spirit of boldness and begin to speak life…let the words of your mouth carry power.

When the Spirits of toxic negativity come knocking on your door, confront them with a shout and drive them out of your life experience. 

When Joshua and his Warriors began to shout the walls came crashing down. Don’t ya know you got to shout at the devil? Tell those toxic spirits to hit the road Jack!

Your words carry creative power…so always speak life…never speak words that makes that toxic energy thinks it winning.

I am Joey. I will be a musician. If not famous, then I’ll play at the local pubs. I’ll open a music store; I’ll teach music and play music every weekend. I love music and this will be my life. Take your controlling mindset and cram it up your ass. My gift will provide for me and I don’t need your perks! I am a Musician. I will conquer…I will overcome….My spiritual family will love me for me!

Sometimes standing strong means you have to walk away from those who desire to control you. To walk means that you believe in you!

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