Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Prodigal's Plight: The Statue Of Shame

Now I face my statue of shame. 

A totem of my past faces containing the history of my decline. Losing all and coming to nothing unveils the statue of shame. You see yourself and the various aspects of your life and you are now ashamed of what you have become. All the negative monuments of your past merge together and form your statue of shame. It stands before you glistening with all your failures, all your shortcomings and all your darkness. It cast the shadow that cloaks your life and hinders your progress on the path. If you gaze upon it you too will become a statue frozen in the past. Like lot’s wife, you look back and you become a pillar of salt.

Shame does more than cripple you; shame locks you in the past.

Shame creates the bars of the prison of bitterness.

My Statue of Shame is a totem of my regrets...

...a totem of my failures...

...a totem of stupendous stupidity...

...a totem of remorse...

...a totem of all my self-reproach...

...a portrait of all my shame.

My plight is to turn my shame into my success.

I will succeed with a simple step. I will step away from my past and create a new path.

I will agree to make Spirit my guide and pray "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done." I will seek divine guidance for each step I take, and by having faith in my Spirit Man I will forge a new destiny....and it's never too late to experience total redemption.

The only thing I now ask is the wisdom to direct my steps.

Change my step and I change my walk.

Change my walk and I change my way.

Change my way and I change my path.

Change my path and I change my destiny.

My promise is to gently step away from the past and patiently navigate towards my destiny.
I will overcome the plight of my past shame with the promise of my new destiny.

I refuse to allow shame to control my game.

This is the end of the journey into the Monuments of my plight led me to a place of total freedom from the prison of my own construction...of my own making.

All I know is that dead souls never live....and live souls never die.

If you were to read all 9 places I had to transcend on my journey through the Monuments of my past and reflect on your own experience you to can be free from the pain, shame and bitterness of your past. There is a place of healing for you as you forge your new path.

If you read on order you have come to the end of the journey. Now all you have to do is walk away. Why is that so hard? Walking away from shame and never looking for a place to place the blame?

The Spirit is calling you to leave your past and allow the dead to bury the dead.

Cuz Dead Soul's never live,
and live souls never die.

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