Sunday, May 24, 2015

Your Affirmations Are Working: My Journey To See The Guy

I Dig Saturdays To The Max


 See on Saturdays I go see my guy. He hooks me up with some amazing stuff that makes me feel so good. I also dig the walk into beautiful downtown Ocala, Florida. Can't help but dig the vibe of our sunny days. Something very cool always happens during my journey on the way to the guy.

 I find it enchanting.


Spirit sends me a sign, a person or gives me inner words of wisdom.

My guy runs a produce stand at our downtown Ocala Farm Market. I snag a bunch of "God Force" filled produces that gives me a ton of energy. I've been going to the guy for many moons now. He's a powerhouse of positive energy providing a personal service. This fits well with my: "I ain't going to Walmart again" undertaking.

"Screw those dudes I'm going to support the little guy who actually cares about his peoples."

I dig the vibe of a city and consider myself a Urban Taoist....a die hard city dweller. Some souls find peace in nature and I dig those times sparingly. I tried to live in the country and it drove me crazy. It was like cutting an apple in half and watching it turn brown for me. I guess I find it groovy to manifest a ton of Yin while hangin' in a Yang environment.  I love stepping out my door and I'm smack in the Heart Of the City. The reason being is I love people. All shapes, sizes and the more whacked the better. With the Ocala Rainbow Gathering  taking place right down the road I experience random encounters with Hippies that remind me  I'm not as far out as my family thinks. 

Sometimes something very special happens

A few weekends ago I was strolling towards Harry's Bar and Grill making my rounds to see a friend of mine who is a very important person. He's the head DMO  baby! That's: Dish Machine Operator! I met him during a season in my life when I arrived at a place of nothing. I was working on manifesting the life of my dreams. From nothing I found a way to create all things. I was believing for simple things then like: FOOD. Without ever asking, ever complaining, ever giving a hint I was starving, or telling him my problems, he just started giving me food. 

Sometimes your Angels will give people a nudge if you keep your mouth shut and believe. 

I'll never forget him. Call it a my code of Taoist honor. I judge a man from his heart, his honor, and the fruit of his soul. I could give a damn about your position in life. I look at your heart. I daily rub shoulders with dishwashers, common folk and millionaires. Everyday. I love them all. Not for what they have on the outside, but what they carry within. That's why he is; and will always be; a very important person in my eyes. 

Once God Starts Blessing You Don't Forget The Ones Used To Help You Through The Storm.

So I am on the way to see my DMO when I see I lady in a wheelchair being pushed by her husband  while their young son followed. I sensed she was going through a battle with cancer and my Spirit Dude felt attracted to them. She looked so frail with her bandanna hiding her loss of hair. I could sense and had experienced her fear first hand during my battle with the diease. Everyone around her was projecting fear and compassion. Sometimes humans express fear at the sight of sickness...because spirits of negativity say: "What if that was you...better run to the Doc about that pain in your side."  So I followed them to the cross walk and was sending healing vibes their way. My Spirit Dude then spoke to me and said, "Speak Words Of Encouragement And Healing to them." So I walked over to them and said:

  " Sir I don't know what your wife is going through, but I am a survivor...I made it through. I just send you all prayers of healing and peace today." Then from within my Spirit I send them a healing vibe. I gently touched her, laying on of hands,  and said "God Bless You." 

 The Lady teared up and said, "Thank You." 

To me that opportunity to used by Spirit was priceless. 

Yesterday while I was walking back to "da crib" from my visit to the Market I felt like my world was surreal and so amazing. I wondered if this was what Heaven is like? For the first time in my life I felt that my affirmations were finally working. I felt like I was the force within. I am now living the life I imagined. I went from believing for food to giving it away. I've been able to bless those who helped me during my journey. All my needs are met before I even ask. Everything is in flow and life is no longer a struggle. I found real and lasting peace.

Then my Spirit Dude spoke to me these words:

Your affirmations have been working for 17 years you just didn't know it. The time you started you had to fight through 36 years of religious and negative programing. You didn't give up. What you are experiencing now is 17 years of positive vibes are transforming your reality. This is no new thing. You just had to get rid of all your stuff. Now it's easy!



17 years ago my life transformed when I found a man with a Wilde name. His books trained me...led me...inspired me to be a writer.....and his words of wisdom helped me through my darkest hours some 15 years later. I have said the above affirmation daily for 17 years. During my meditation and prayer time today this one hit me. It is the first affirmation in my deck of 3x5 cards.


 I felt to tell you this:

Your Affirmations Are Working! 



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