Monday, August 3, 2015

The Riches in your Desires


The starting point of all achievement.The first step towards riches

Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill

What if to be rich is to merely manifest the desire in your heart?

Can you place a monetary goal on happiness?

People who only pursue money; meaning the core goal behind what they do is just to grab as much cash and what it will purchase, are missing the boat. To me seeking money just to inflate your ego or try to achieve some type of security will take you down a selfish path of greed. Deriving purpose from accumulating money creates a deeper sense of lack. The disease of wanting more chokes out the Spirit. 

People of purpose, who love what they do, will always have enough money. 

You must discover your Spiritual Desire, your Divine Destiny, your purpose in this lifetime. This is the starting point to a rich life.

Your Divine purpose will enrich the lives of others. The enriching of their life returns riches to you.

One painter paints his clients house to make a quick buck. He's fast. He's sloppy. He cuts corners. He leaves a mess. Pays no attention to detail. His goal is snagging your money with the least amount of effort being put out by him. His motivation is greed. Face it...he doesn't give a damn about anything other than getting money from you. Painting your house is only about him getting paid...a way to turn a buck....fudge on quality...get that money and go! He will appear to be the nicest, most awesome, best priced painter in the world. He sales you on his charm and his cheap price. He makes you think he is a good guy and can do the same quality job the other guy can do----but at a way lower price. He will have you thinking he is God's gift to the freakin' world. Because you don't want to pay full price you get him. Because of his charm, your inability to confront him and his web of excuse laden don't realize how he stuck it too you, until way too late. 

It's not just painter's, they come in all walks and profession of life. Addicted to greed while drowning in a sea of mediocrity...the desire to get something from nothing...a land where there is never enough?

How much do they want?

All of it....they look at what is in your hand, not at what's in your heart. 

Have you ever had the misfortune of hiring a asshole like this?


Ever hired a asshole like this...paid them...later found a mistake or something they missed? 

You had a real fun time trying to get them back to fix it?

Another painter paints his clients house to make it beautiful for them. His motivational is the smile on their face, the joy in their heart and the pride he places in his work. He's careful. He takes his time. All his attention is on details. He see flaws the average person doesn't see and is quick to fix it. His goal is not the check. His reward is his perfection of his craft. The feeling of being the best at what he does. The money is not whats due, or owed to him, it's his reward. 

I knew a dude just like this...he never advertised...not even in the Yellow Pages....yet his phone rang off the hook. He never lacked work!

The Spiritual Warrior is aware of his motivations. He has tested his heart. What he offers to the world is his gift. He understands that to be great is to be a servant. His focus is on enriching the life of others. He is more than a mere painter, he is an agent of light.

You must discover your Spiritual Desire.

You must place all your energy behind your gift.

You must place the full brunt of your will behind your offer.

You must place all effort in the mastery of your gift.

The desire has to dominate your life.

Nothing else can matter.

You must determine to enrich the lives of other.

Your riches reside in your desire, your dream, your gift to the world.

Money is only a transfer of energy, 
the reward,
for paying the price,
for serving others ,
for accomplishing your Spiritual goal. 

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