Friday, September 4, 2015

My experience with the teachings of Wayne Dyer

Once upon a time I was a Youth Minister in a very holy, prim and proper, self-righteous domination. I find it funny that people proudly claim I from this "DOMINATION" , when the entire word comes from dominate. They have control, power, dominion, supremacy, command and CONTROL! Looking back I wonder who would ever sign up for a gig like that? After several years of being controlled by a bunch of old dudes in love with power I booked. I wish I would have read Wayne Dyer's books before screwing up my life joining the ministry. I should have stuck with my friends from the street...I would have been better off in the long run.

While serving as a Youth Minister I landed a gig in this stuffy, boring and very holy church in Roanoke, VA. I fit in like a milk bucket under a bull and screwed the whole gig on a massive level. I was never meant to be a suit and tie minister and hate ties with a deep seeded passion. During that time I wondered into a used book store and for some strange reasons I  bought "Wayne Dyer's: Erroneous Zones" for one dollar. I didn't know who the hell Wayne Dyer was and really don't know why I bought it. I threw it in my stack of books and never got around to reading it.

Many moons later I had left the ministry and was trying to find myself. I had sold or threw away almost every book I had acquired during my 13 years as a man of the cloth. A few survived and was tucked away with some personal stuff in an old dusty box for a few years. I was going through a trail separation with my wife at the time and moved in with my crazy little brother. I was in a spiritual wilderness and felt a great void on the inside. I felt lost, confused, guilty and like a total failure. Leaving the ministry meant leaving all I knew as a young adult and all I had was this little rule breaking street kid inside of me. It was a two edged sword, on one side I wanted freedom and on the other side I felt guilt and shame.

Religious Brainwashing will rack your mind!

I was crashing at my little brother's when I started going through this box. This book I bought nine years earlier...that I had never cracked yet....had this energy roaring from it and was calling me to read it. The book blew my mind and opened my eyes to personal freedom. I started buying every book I could find by this Wayne Dyer dude and grabbed some of his cassette teaching tapes. Reading his books and digging his talks, opened my mind to new possibilities.

Delving and digging into his books introduced me to a host of teachers my closed minded church would have forbid me to read. I discovered Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, and a host of new thought teachers. 

Wayne Dyer started me on the path. I was no longer part of a controlling tribe, but was walking my own path, confidently progressing towards my dreams. It took me around 15 years to free my mind and discover peace from a life time of religious brainwashing.

I never had a friend I could talk to about this new path of mine. I never belonged to any group or class. Books were my teacher and Wayne kicked the whole thing off. He laid the foundation for the spiritual freedom I now experience.

It was sad when I heard of his passing. I never met him or saw him speak personally; but, his books, his spirit, had been with me for over 17 years. I being a loner on this journey, felt like I had lost one of my best friends. The same way I felt when I heard Stuart died. 

I lost a friend.

Will I miss him?


Wayne and his words are with me everyday!

PS: I posted pics of the young Wayne...that's how us old school dudes remember him best!

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