Thursday, January 21, 2016

Have you been trained to be unhappy?


As a baby, the Doctor smacks the shit out of us, we arrived not too happy!

In preschool we pow-wow with the other rug rats and discover we are not so happy with our parents!

The pow-wow evolves into a gang and we graduate to the big kids school we ascertain we are not to happy with our teachers!

After 12 years, (or in my case 9 years and two months), maybe some college, we enter the workforce to discern quickly we are not to happy with our boss. A matter of fact, he or she is turning out to be the biggest ass we have dealt with so far!

Then a hot bath tub...once you get in it's not so hot after all. You are shocked that your spouse ain't so happy with you. That makes you not so happy!

What do you do to make it better?

You have Kids! 

Guess what? You ain't so happy with their performance, their attitudes, their choices, and even though you clothe and feed them....they ain't so damn happy with you?


The big kicker is you ain't so happy with their teachers either. So when the shit hits the fan you can say, "What the hell they teaching you in that school?"


PS: You are unhappy with your children's choice in friends. Especially those of the opposite sex! 

To top things off you are unhappy with your lot in life! You should have acquired much more for your effort. All you have is BILLS and no thrills. You awake every Monday morning feeling that someone has pissed in your Wheaties!

Whose fault is this?

The Government!

Those bastards!

That damn President!

You are sure as hell not happy with them...right?


Are you spending most of your life unhappy?


Why are we mad at the world?

How do you get happy?



That simple!

We have been moaning and bitching our entire life. We live in a world with a Media that is intent on keeping us down!

Life is Good!

Have fun today!

Learn to be happy

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