Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Story of this blog

I wrote this blog for around two years. It's really a journal of principles I used during a trying time in my life. These principles took me from being homeless to an abundant life. I have a home in New England...a car....a truck...TV's...computers...all the stuff I thought was taken away from me. All these things just came to me in a period of under 4 years. You might think 4 years is a long time, but when your life has been reduced to nothing....everything becomes a miracle. 

Along my journey I snagged a job that demanded a lot of my time and blogging become too much. I decided to take a break and wait for my next mission. This led me from living in sunny FL and moving to RI....here in New England I settled down for a bit, helped family in need, started playing some music again and worked on my new crib. 

Now I sit here waiting for direction for my creativity and where I want to take it next. In the meantime I returned to visit this blog and decided that these posts have inspiration and can be a value to others. I plan to continue to share these posts even though I have no plans on writing anymore post for this blog.

It's like some old journals you found and might ask someone close to you to read them. 

Some of these post are on the edgy side, yet at this time I was living on the edge....in my life and in the inner city. Now I am living in the country and my life is more serene and calm. I would now refrain from certain language I used in these post, but during that time in my life it was what was the reality around me and to edit would be to take away from the reality I lived during that period. 

Hope this little blog gives you some inspiration and may it live for a long time!

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