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The Prodigal Diaries

By David Dunbar


Ever wanted to get away from it all?

Follow a addict on the road to crash and burn, but don't be fooled. This is more than a book on the dark journey of addiction. Discover transforming spiritual truths that will lead us to a place of power.

You will also discover that each Diary Entry covers a "BLOCK" we face on our path to power. Hidden behind the addicts story are blocks we all face and the journey to a place of power. 

Tucked in the back of this book is the Prodigals 12 Affirmations of power. Use these Affirmations to open up your Divine Mind and reconnect to your Higher Self.

If you take this journey you will discover that the Prodigal Diaries is more than just a book on addiction. It traces deep truths that confront each and everyone of us on this journey. 

You will discover things in life that keeps us from reaching our highest level of living!

This book is intense and digs deep into the soul of man!

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How to know if you are Spiritual?

By David Dunbar

This book is funny, serious and has an edge. If you look close there is a hidden secret. It will one day pop out at you. Discover this life transforming Doorway and it opens you up to higher levels of living.

Use these "How to know if you are spiritual" as a guide to higher levels of thought. You have to look at how the concept applies to your life. 

This book was a trip to write. One day Spirit gave me the first one. I felt compelled to write 101 and thought I would take it on as a long term project. I wrote the next one and like a machine gun they kept going off in my mind. I spit this dude out a little shy of an hour. I then read what I wrote and it kinda flipped me out. 

"I'm relishing this book. I plunk it in for a moment or two whenever I need a smile."
 Evan Griffith
Author of The World Is Freaky Beautiful Blog 

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You Clicked

Ever felt like you are missing something?

You Clicked takes a deep look into the Spiritual Journey and how we often feel that something is missing in our life.

David takes the reader into the heart of the "Missing Thing" and how to arrive at a place of fulfillment. 

You will discover the "7 Secrets of the Kingdom" and the workings of our divine mind.

We also take at look at "The Way of the Warrior" and how to overcome the negativity we face in life. 

This is a must read for those who want to reach a higher level of living.

Escape the Drama

Tired of the day to day drama of daily life?

Want to escape it?

You can "Escape the Drama" and live a life of peace and calm. All you need is to walk through the Doorways of change offered in this book.

Life was not meant to be a struggle and full of anxiety. You can overcome the toxic energy that tries to bring you down and reap havoc in your life.

Escape The Drama



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